Saturday, July 15, 2017

June 2017 draft tree for I-S2703 (part of I-L161 "Isles")

Click here to download our June 14, 2017 draft tree for I-S2703

I-S2703 is a major branch of I-L161 "Isles".

New in this update:
there is a second Big Y for the I-FGC8393 branch. The two men share 26 SNPs below S2742, but each has approximately 10 unique novel variants, meaning that their common ancestor probably lived more than 100 years ago. Their 111 Y-DNA STR markers are also quite different. They have ordered their YFull analysis and they should be shown in a final position on the YFull v5.06 tree, which will be released approximately 2 months from now.

The tree shows more SNPs highlighted in yellow, these SNPs are available at FTDNA

Click here to see our previous draft tree from May 2017, which includes a long description of all the branches

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