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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Links to new I-L161 draft tree

Here is the new L-L161 draft tree based on Big Y results. Click here for a pdf version and click here for a png version.  (Note the PDF version was updated Feb 10, 2016 and includes some SNP names not shown on the png version)

There has been a lot of progress and I think all known I-L161 people fit into one of the major branches shown here, and in most cases we can predict a very specific branch for someone based on 67 STR markers.

Here are some comments starting at the top of the tree:
The I-Y13338 branch has very few known members, they were formerly called the Isles-B2b cluster. The I-Y13338* branch at very top is a closely related group from Thrace (the European part of Turkey and adjacent area of Bulgaria), and the I-Y13330 branch contains two members of a Polish family. Based on distinctive STR markers I think a family from southern Iraq, a family from central Germany, and a family from Cuba also belong to I-Y13338 and they all seem to be closer to the Polish family than to the Thracian group.

The I-S2742 group contains more branches that were formerly called Isles-B: for example, the Isles-B4 group which is very rare and from southern England and has the very distinctive marker value DYS388=11. I-S2742 also includes the Isles-B1 group which is all closely related to each other, maybe they are all Americans with English ancestry? And I-S2742 also includes a few additional English-origin families who don't belong to B1 or B4, as well as some German families who haven't done Big Y and haven't fully tested the known SNPs.

The I-FGC7169 group contains all of Ken Nordvedt's Isles-C and Isles-D clusters which are almost completely Irish and British with a few Canadians with ancestry from France. It turns out that Isles-C1, Isles-C2, and Isles-D2 are all related to each other and comprise the I-FGC7184 branch (although Isles-C1 is more complex and doesn't form a single branch. Isles-C2 and Isles-D2 are each single, well-defined branches). But Isles-D1 turns out to be very complicated and not closely related to Isles-D2. There are several small branches that were formerly called Isles-D1: Isles-D3/D99 represented by kit 306862, the "Todd cluster" represented by kits 192579 and 432883,  and kit 164613 is in his own branch at present.

The I-A1150 branch contains more Isles-B people: Isles-B5 which doesn't have very distinctive STR markers, and Isles-B3 which has the distinctive DYS392=12 value, and a few people who don't belong to either of these groups. All known members of I-A1150 are from Britain or Ireland (most are from England).

The branch shown with the novel variant 2720236 A to G  (now called A10028) and 19 additional novel variants is represented by only two known men, one from Scotland and one from Ireland

The I-PF4135 branch is the Isles-A branch, mostly from Britain and also Ireland. Most of the subbranches shown are based on Big Ys for the Munro family, and if more families do Big Ys we will learn much more. There is a single man, kit 23143 who has received PF4135- results and his STR markers are slightly different from the PF4135- men, but I'm sure he shares most of the other novel variants/SNPs listed as equivalent to PF4135.