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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Another branch in Isles-B1: 2019-02-20 tree for I-Y14612

Click here to download our 2019-02-20 tree for I-Y14612

This tree shows a new branch based on a Big Y-700 result. Previously A18000, A17999, Z45269/Y51137 and approximately 4 additional SNPs were considered to be equivalent. The new result is A18000+ but ancestral (negative) for the other 6 SNPs. We now have an I-A18000 branch and a more specific I-Z45269 branch.

All of these men belong to the Isles-B1 cluster, which is poorly defined by SNPs and STRs. In my opinion, it's not important to define Isles-B1 exactly, but maybe Isles-B1 is a useful way to refer to these L161+...L1498+ S2703+ S2742+...Y14612+ branches that have similar STRs and that are found in places like England, Sweden and Germany.

Click here to download our previous tree for I-Y14612
Click here for a brief description of the I-Y14612 haplogroup

First Big Y-700 results: Updated I-CTS10228 Tree

Click here to download our 2019-02-20 draft tree for I-CTS10228

FTDNA has updated the Big Y test: all tests in progress, and all future orders, will be called Big Y-700. The 700 means that more than 700 STR markers will be reported. More importantly, they will use new laboratory methods and sequence new areas of the Y chromosome, and we can expect more novel variants/SNPs to be reported.

The first five Big Y-700 results were completed this week in the I-P37 project and an additional 40 tests are in progress.

This updated I-CTS10228 tree shows two new branches:

  • the I-BY153008 branch is based on two Big Y-500 results. It's part of I-Z17855. One of the Big Y results is for a man with paternal ancestry from Serbia, and the other man's ancestry is unknown
  • the I-BY99606 branch is based on one Big Y-500 result and one Big Y-700 result. It's also part of I-Z17855. FTDNA hasn't named this branch yet, there are approximately three equivalent SNPs and we don't know which name FTDNA will chose. One man has paternal ancestry from Serbia and the other man has paternal ancestry from Macedonia. The Big Y-700 result discovered 10 novel variants that weren't reported in the other man's Big Y-500 result. But probably he is also derived (positive) for most of these 10 variants, and they weren't reported because the Big Y-500 didn't sequence these parts of the Y chromosome.

Click here for a brief description of the I-CTS10228 haplogroup
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Monday, February 18, 2019

What we learned about I-Y5451 (Isles-C2) in 2018

I-P37 project member Ryan Casey wrote this summary of recent discoveries about I-Y5451. This is the haplogroup that is sometime nicknamed Isles-C2, it has several distinctive STR marker values, especially DYS392=12. This branch is especially typical of central-western Ireland (counties Roscommon, Galway, Mayo etc.), and it has a MRCA who lived 1150 years ago according to YFull's estimate.

You can see some I-Y5451 people here (be sure to change the page size box at the top to 5000):

Ryan's summary:

  • 1/26/18: Y43901 is shared by two men and becomes the second known subclade of Y5451 after FGC14463.
  • 2/5/18: FGC14458 separates from the Y5451 SNP block after it becomes known it’s upstream.
  • 6/6/18: FGC14463 is known to have occurred before FGC14449 because a man does BY testing and is positive for the former and negative for the latter, FGC14449 appears to be the SNP that defines the Keaveney surname.
  • 10/15/18: Y128131 and possible equivalent SNP Y129461 are shared between two men and becomes the third known subclade.
  • 11/2/18: BY150381 and equivalent SNP Y45719 are shared between two men and becomes the fourth known subclade.
  • 12/10/18: A subclade of BY150381 called BY186335 is discovered along with its 7 equivalent SNPs and is shared by two closely related men with a Spanish surname