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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Friday, May 4, 2018

A new Greek branch of I-Z17855: updated I-CTS10228 tree

Click here to download our May 3, 2018 tree for I-CTS10228

This tree shows a new branch called I-A21934, both known members have Greek paternal ancestry, but they are not closely related, and they are not close STR marker matches. I-A21934 is part of I-Z17855, in general I-Z17855 prevails in Greece and Bulgaria but it is also found in other places.

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A new German/Danish branch of Dinaric-North and new SNP names: updated I-S17250 tree

Click here to download our May 3, 2018 tree for I-S17250

This tree shows the new I-A21278 branch, which contains two known families: one who lives in northeastern Germany, and another which which has members in the USA and Denmark with origin from Holstein (Germany/Denmark border area).

This tree also shows some additional Big Y results, and new SNP names, all indicated in red.

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A very old Scottish family: updated I-L161 tree

Click here to download our May 4, 2018 tree for I-L161

and click here to see some recent comments about the I-L161 haplogroup

This updated tree shows a new branch (in red) that is part of I-A10028. The I-A10028 branch includes three Big Ys for a Scottish origin family (named Lowther/Lauder), represented by kits 311055 and B101899, and another kit which is not part of the I-P37 project.

Based on the high number of unique variants, YFull estimates that the common ancestor of the Lowther/Lauder family lived 1050 years ago. (this is based on only 2 of the 3 Big Ys)

This update also shows many new SNP names for various branches of I-L161, indicated in red.

Click here to find our earlier tree for I-L161

Two new Big Ys, many new SNP names, updated I-Y12072 tree

Click here to download our May 2, 2018 tree for I-Y12072

This update shows two new Big Y results: kit 37871 is part of the large American Adkins/Mullins etc. family, and kit 97206 is part of the large Driscoll family.

This update also shows many new SNP names, indicated in red.

Click here to find our previous tree for I-Y12072

Two deep English branches, one shallow German branch: updated I-S2703 tree

Click here to download our May 3, 2018 tree for I-S2703

The entire I-L161 haplogroup has been nicknamed "Isles" because it is more common in the British Isles (Great Britain and Ireland) than in other parts of the world. But now we know that there are two fundamental branches of I-L161: the I-Y13338 branch which is strictly found in continental Europe (and even farther afield, for example in southern Iraq), and the I-S2639 branch which is overwhelmingly found in Britain and Ireland.

The I-S2639 branch is shown on four different trees on this blog:
The I-L161 tree, which shows part of I-L1498: the I-A1150 branch, which is strictly British/Irish (Isles-B3 and Isles-B5), and the I-A10028 branch (which is known from only two families, one Scottish and one Irish), and the unnamed branch represented by kit 74809 which is a single French-Canadian family.
The I-Y12072 tree, which is Isles-A and relatives, and which is strictly Irish/British. In fact, most of this group had a very recent expansion from County Cork, Ireland
The I-Y3723 tree, which is Isles-C and Isles-D, which is strictly British/Irish and in fact is strongly centered in central-western Ireland and in Scotland. There are a few French Canadian families who belong to I-Y3723--maybe they have recent British/Irish ancestry, or maybe they have Breton ancestry, but it seems likely that their ancestors lived in Britain/Ireland 2000 years ago.
The I-S2703 tree, which gives details on the more specific I-S2742 section, which shows most of the branches which were formerly called Isles-B1, B2 and B4. Most members of I-S2742 show

So if we are interested in the origin of I-L161 (more specifically I-S2639), and its distribution in Britain/Ireland versus continental Europe, we are really interested in learning more about I-S2742. We have two Big Ys in progress for men with German ancestry who don't clearly match any known branch of I-L161, and we will continue to organize more Big Ys for continental European I-L161 men.

This current I-S2703 tree shows three new Big Y results:
---Kit N43038 is in an unnamed branch by himself. He is the first Big Y from the Isles-B4 cluster (which is characterized by distinctive STR markers, especially DYS388=11). Isles-B4 is strictly English according to current knowledge, and it has a very deep (ancient) connection to the rest of I-S2703
---Kit 198864 is from the same family as kit 648595. They are American, and claim 1600s ancestry from England to Massachusetts. The belong to the I-S2624 branch, they share many SNPs with S series names, these SNPs were described in a analysis of a Public Genome Project participant. This person has a different surname, but I think he likely is from the same family as our members. Again, this is an English branch with a deep connection to other I-S2703 branches
--Kit 29721 is from a large German-ancestry family from eastern regions of Germany/modern Poland. His connection to other I-S2703 is fairly recent. (This result was shown on our previous tree, but we have added more details about the SNP names).

There are several members of our project with Polish/German/Swedish ancestry who belong to I-S2742, and several FTDNA customers who are not project members, they also have Swedish etc. ancestry and appear to belong to I-S2742. It seems likely that many of these people belong to rather downstream branches, similar to kit 29721.

This tree also shows many new BY, Y, and Z series SNP names, indicated in red.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

11 named branches of I-Y4252: updated I-L233 tree

Click here to download our May 3, 2018 tree for I-L233

This tree shows a new branch called I-Y84928, it is one of 11 named branches of I-Y4252. The two known families in  I-Y84928 have likely English origin.

The Y138968 SNP that characterizes one branch of the Lindsay family is now available for testing at YSeq.

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