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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

New branches and more details about FT14506: 2019-05-22 tree for I-PH908

Click here to download our 2019-05-22 tree for I-PH908

FT14506 seems to be an important SNP immediately below I-PH908. Several previously known branches can now be placed in the I-FT14506 branch. And several other branches are confirmed to be FT14506-. See the tree for more details.

This tree shows a new branch called I-BY154460, it's part of I-A22312, which is part of I-A5913. The known members of I-A22312 have paternal ancestry from Montenegro and eastern Herzegovina. The parallel branch I-A16683 prevails in eastern Europe.

This tree shows another new branch called I-FT16449, and a new sample in the I-Y56203 branch.

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

A branch found in Pomerania and in Shropshire: 2019-05-18 tree for I-L233

Click here to download our 2019-05-18 tree for I-L233

This tree shows a new branch called I-BY65456, it's one of 22 known immediate subbranches of I-Y4252. This branch is based on two Big Y results, one for a man with ancestry from the 1800s from Shropshire, England, and another man with ancestry from the 1800s from Pomerania which is now part of Poland (they were German speakers). The second man has STR matches with some men from a German speaking family from slightly further east in Poland, they probably also belong to I-BY65456.

Click here to find our previous tree for I-L233 and a discussion of the British and continental European men in different branches of I-Y4252

At our last update we added two SNPs that seem to be equivalent to Y4252, they are called FGC56848 and Y125772.

Click here for a brief description of the I-L233 haplogroup

Friday, May 17, 2019

A 9th Lindsay branch: 2019-05-18 tree for I-A8462

Click here to download our 2019-05-18 tree for I-A8462

This tree shows a new branch called I-FT36679, it's the ninth subbranch of the I-A16520 Lindsay family.

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The Big Y-700 helps resolve some branches below I-CTS1758: 2019/05/17 tree for I-L160

Click here to download our 2019/05/17 tree for I-L160

Y2177 is a SNP that is immediately below I-CTS1758. Some branches of I-CTS1758 are Y2177+ and other branches are Y2177-. The Y2177 position wasn't sequenced by most Big Y-500 tests and we only knew that this SNP was approximately equivalent to PF4088, CTS1758 or CTS11338. (Our earlier draft trees showed Y2177 as equivalent to CTS11338, and the current YFull tree shows Y2177 as equivalent to PF4088, I think YFull will change this at their next update).

The Big Y-700 sequences additional regions of the Y chromosome and I think we will continue to find new SNPs to resolve branches in the tree.

Our project has made a special effort to organize Big Ys for rare branches, and now the I-L160 tree looks much more detailed. But now it's difficult to see which branches are most common (at least as far as we can tell given the biases in the FTDNA database etc). And it's difficult to guess at MRCA ages from this draft tree, please refer to the YFull tree for this information.

Most of the branches on this I-L160 tree are quite rare. Probably the I-A19395 branches near the top are some of the most common and widespread, but there are only 3 completed Big Ys for this branch. Its MRCA probably lived well over 3000 years ago, but YFull doesn't have an estimate because only one of the 3 men has ordered YFull.

Another big branch is I-Y23412/Z43950 and its MRCA is only 2100 years ago according to YFull's calculation (this branch is part of I-CTS11851 which was formerly called the DYS462=13 cluster).

And of course I-CTS11338 includes some very large branches, but they are shown on our I-CTS11338 tree.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

More Big Ys for European I-L233 "Western" men: 2019-05-10 tree for I-L233

Click here to download our 2019-05-10 tree for I-L233

There are two basic branches of I-L233, they are I-A8462 and I-Y4252. All known I-A8462 men have paternal ancestry from Great Britain. But most I-L233 "Western" men belong to the I-Y4252 branch which has a MRCA of 1850 ybp according to YFull's calculation.

I-Y4252 has 22 known immediate descendant branches, 11 branches are named and contain more than one Big Y result, and another 11 branches are unnamed because they contain only one known sample. Eventually we will find other men who share some SNPs below Y4252 and we will be able to name more branches.

Most of the 22 branches contain only in British ancestry men, as far as we know. But we know that I-L233 is widespread in Europe, it's easy to identify I-L233 men from short STR haplotypes in scientific papers, YHRD.org etc, because I-L233 is characterized by some distinctive marker values especially DYS388=15. There are also some continental European I-L233 men in the FTDNA database.

Only a few I-L233 men with continental European paternal ancestry have done Big Y. Some of them belong to unnamed I-Y4252* branches. And some others belong to a few branches which are widespread and contain both British and Continental European ancestry men: I-A10033, I-A7111, I-A19385, and I-A417.

The I-P37 project at FTDNA has been organizing some Big Ys for continental European I-L233 men and giving support from our General Fund which comes from donations from our other members. This latest tree shows two new samples:

A man who lives in the Netherlands belongs to a new I-Y4252* branch, he can trace his ancestry back to the 1600s in the Netherlands.

Another man belongs to the I-A417 branch, he is American with paternal ancestry from Breslau/Wrocław in Silesia (southwestern Poland). I believe his ancestors were German speakers.  I-A417 contains no known men with British ancestry, but it does contain some men with Irish ancestry (who all have English or "Norman" surnames), and it also contains an American family with German speaking ancestors from Alsace-Lorraine, and a man who lives in the Netherlands with ancestors from the Netherlands.

The new sample shares several SNPs below I-A417 with an Irish-American man, but their common ancestor lived several hundred years ago.

Click here to see our previous tree for I-L233
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A Frenchman in a downstream branch typical of Sardinia: 2019-05-01 tree for I-CTS11338

Click here to download our 2019-05-01 tree for I-CTS11338

This tree shows three Big Ys that belong to the I-PF4190 haplogroup (part of I-M26). But Paolo Francalacci (2013) sequenced the Y chromosomes of 1200 men living in Sardinia (click here for Dienekes' summary and a link to the paper, free with registration), and found approximately 345 samples that belonged to I-PF4190, and hundreds of branches in the I-PF4190 tree. This draft tree shows only 4 branches in the I-PF4190 tree, because we only show the 3 men in the I-P37 project and a few relevant samples from Francalacci.

There are only 103 Big Y results for all of I-M26 (101 of these men are members of the I-P37 project at FTDNA), and I don't know any samples from similar tests at other companies. In addition to the men in I-PF4190, Francalacci sequenced approximately 119 Y chromosomes from other branches of I-M26.

The archived draft trees on this blog show the progress we've made in the last five years. But there is much more to learn.
I-PF4190 had a rapid expansion at its earliest stages which has continued to the present day, at least in Sardinia. Most I-M26 men from elsewhere in Europe aren't closely related to the I-M26 men from Sardinia. But when we find non-Sardinian I-PF4190 men, they always share many downstream SNPs with men from Francalacci's study.

Many of these I-PF4190 men have German origin, and our draft tree shows two Big Y-500 results in the I-PF4432 branch, they share many SNPs with Francalacci samples 648-689. There are only two Big Ys, but we have individual SNP tests, Genographic 2.0 tests, and STR marker patterns that place several other men in this branch, or in related branches. Again, most of these men have German origin.

This updated tree shows a new Big Y-700 result for a man with French origin, he belongs to a different branch called I-PF4218, which also contains Francalacci samples 435-437. There is a man with Geno 2.0 results who also belongs to this branch, he has paternal ancestry from Malta. FTDNA's haplotree and Big Y Block tree contain some legacy information from before the era of Big Y testing, and these trees have some errors in the I-PF4190 section. I think FTDNA will correct these errors thanks to the new Big Y-700 result.

It's not possible to post all of Francalacci's information here, but click here to see the YFull tree for I-PF4188 which shows all three FTDNA samples, five of Francalacci's samples, and an additional scientific sample. At the moment the new result is only in a preliminary position, but I think YFull will update their tree soon. Click here to see a list of the Sardinian samples, YFull has added only a few of these to their tree.

Note: I-PF4188 is equivalent to I-PF4190, and all of the haplogroups listed in this post are also known by other names.

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