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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Monday, May 13, 2019

More Big Ys for European I-L233 "Western" men: 2019-05-10 tree for I-L233

Click here to download our 2019-05-10 tree for I-L233

There are two basic branches of I-L233, they are I-A8462 and I-Y4252. All known I-A8462 men have paternal ancestry from Great Britain. But most I-L233 "Western" men belong to the I-Y4252 branch which has a MRCA of 1850 ybp according to YFull's calculation.

I-Y4252 has 22 known immediate descendant branches, 11 branches are named and contain more than one Big Y result, and another 11 branches are unnamed because they contain only one known sample. Eventually we will find other men who share some SNPs below Y4252 and we will be able to name more branches.

Most of the 22 branches contain only in British ancestry men, as far as we know. But we know that I-L233 is widespread in Europe, it's easy to identify I-L233 men from short STR haplotypes in scientific papers, YHRD.org etc, because I-L233 is characterized by some distinctive marker values especially DYS388=15. There are also some continental European I-L233 men in the FTDNA database.

Only a few I-L233 men with continental European paternal ancestry have done Big Y. Some of them belong to unnamed I-Y4252* branches. And some others belong to a few branches which are widespread and contain both British and Continental European ancestry men: I-A10033, I-A7111, I-A19385, and I-A417.

The I-P37 project at FTDNA has been organizing some Big Ys for continental European I-L233 men and giving support from our General Fund which comes from donations from our other members. This latest tree shows two new samples:

A man who lives in the Netherlands belongs to a new I-Y4252* branch, he can trace his ancestry back to the 1600s in the Netherlands.

Another man belongs to the I-A417 branch, he is American with paternal ancestry from Breslau/Wrocław in Silesia (southwestern Poland). I believe his ancestors were German speakers.  I-A417 contains no known men with British ancestry, but it does contain some men with Irish ancestry (who all have English or "Norman" surnames), and it also contains an American family with German speaking ancestors from Alsace-Lorraine, and a man who lives in the Netherlands with ancestors from the Netherlands.

The new sample shares several SNPs below I-A417 with an Irish-American man, but their common ancestor lived several hundred years ago.

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