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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Big Y-700 helps resolve some branches below I-CTS1758: 2019/05/17 tree for I-L160

Click here to download our 2019/05/17 tree for I-L160

Y2177 is a SNP that is immediately below I-CTS1758. Some branches of I-CTS1758 are Y2177+ and other branches are Y2177-. The Y2177 position wasn't sequenced by most Big Y-500 tests and we only knew that this SNP was approximately equivalent to PF4088, CTS1758 or CTS11338. (Our earlier draft trees showed Y2177 as equivalent to CTS11338, and the current YFull tree shows Y2177 as equivalent to PF4088, I think YFull will change this at their next update).

The Big Y-700 sequences additional regions of the Y chromosome and I think we will continue to find new SNPs to resolve branches in the tree.

Our project has made a special effort to organize Big Ys for rare branches, and now the I-L160 tree looks much more detailed. But now it's difficult to see which branches are most common (at least as far as we can tell given the biases in the FTDNA database etc). And it's difficult to guess at MRCA ages from this draft tree, please refer to the YFull tree for this information.

Most of the branches on this I-L160 tree are quite rare. Probably the I-A19395 branches near the top are some of the most common and widespread, but there are only 3 completed Big Ys for this branch. Its MRCA probably lived well over 3000 years ago, but YFull doesn't have an estimate because only one of the 3 men has ordered YFull.

Another big branch is I-Y23412/Z43950 and its MRCA is only 2100 years ago according to YFull's calculation (this branch is part of I-CTS11851 which was formerly called the DYS462=13 cluster).

And of course I-CTS11338 includes some very large branches, but they are shown on our I-CTS11338 tree.

Click here to find our previous tree for I-L160
Click here for a brief description of the I-L160 haplogroup

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