Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 1, 2017 I-L233 draft tree

Two more Big Ys have been completed for I-L233. One of them shares a single novel variant with an earlier Big Y, and we now know a new branch of I-Y4252 called I-FGC56815. The FGC means Full Genomes Corp, and maybe someone from this branch has done a YElite test at Full Genomes Corp, or someone purchased a BAM analysis from FGC, or maybe FGC analyzed a public genome that belongs to this branch.

The second Big Y result doesn't share any novel variants below L233  and Y4252 with anyone else, except. We now know 6 named branches below I-Y452, and there are also seven unnamed branches that each contain only a single family at present. I-Y4252 contains thirteen known branches at this point, it had a very rapid expansion.

Click here to download the I-L233 draft tree from July 1, 2017

Click here for our earlier I-L233 tree from May, 2017.

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