Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Updated I-L160 tree

We've had several sets of Geno 2.0 results and I have updated the tree for I-L160 (which is called I2a1b at FTDNA, it's part of I-M26 "Sardinian").

I've added CTS787 to the tree for the first time. I had omitted it on some earlier trees, it was thought to be equivalent to Z118. But now we have a person who is CTS787+ and negative for all downstream SNPs including Z118.

It's also become clear that there is a large and complex group of people who are PF4088+ and CTS11338-. There are several SNPs that have been found in this group, but so far they have each been found in only one family: L1299, PF5084, CTS8386. There are 8 people so far with PF4088+ CTS11338- results and they have 67 and 111 STR markers that are quite different from each other.

The top tree is thanks to Zdenko Markovic and the handwritten tree is my own--Bernie

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