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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Important new SNPs for Dinarics

The Dinaric group is a very large paternal haplogroup centered in Eastern and Central Europe, at various times it has been known as I-P37.2, I-P37.2xM26, I-M423, I-L69.2, I-L147.2, I-L621, I-CTS10228 etc. (and some of these names are not completely accurate). Currently we call it I-CTS5966.

We have found the first important SNPs to divide the Dinaric group, see the tree below. The most important SNP is S17250. So far, 5 Dinaric-North people are S17250- and 7 Dinaric-North people are S17250+. And all 5 Dinaric-South people who have done the test are S17250+.

S17250 is now available at FTDNA for order as an individual SNP, if you are already a FTDNA customer with 12 or more marker results, you can order it from the bottom of your Y-DNA....Haplotree & SNPs page.

You can also order S17250 from http://www.yseq.net/ and no prior testing is required at this company. And S17250 is included as part of the Chromo2 test at BritainsDNA/ ScotlandsDNA/ IrelandsDNA/ YorkshireDNA http://www.britainsdna.com/

How to read the tree above: the long numbers like 15531354 are positions on the Y chromosome and the letter/number codes like S17250 are the name of the SNP found at that position. At right, the numbers like 76814 are FTDNA kit numbers, all of these people did the expensive Big Y test which covers all of these SNPs. Thanks to the FTDNA Polish Project administrator and Zdenko Markovic of the I2a Project for analyzing the Big Y data and preparing this tree.