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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

new branch in Isles-B5: November 12 tree for I-L161

click here to download our 2018-11-12 for I-L161

This tree shows a new Big Y result for an Isles-B5 person with likely British paternal ancestry. He is A1150+ A8742+ BY37270+ but A18003- BY37256-. There have been three previous Big Ys for the I-A18003 branch, but the new result is very distantly related, with a common ancestor who lived more than 4000 years ago.

Ken Nordtvedt identified the Isles-B5 cluster many years ago, but it's not very well defined by STRs. Probably it's better to talk about SNPs: Isles-B5 is roughly equivalent to I-A8742, and Isles-B3 is I-A8611, and I-A1150 contains Isles-B5 and Isles-B3. And I-A1150 is a major branch of I-L161, and overwhelmingly British and Irish.

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8 named branches below I-PH908: 2018-11-12 tree for I-PH908

Click here to download our 2018-11-12 for I-PH908

This tree shows several new branches (indicated in red).

In the DYS561=15 section:

I-Y97246, part of I-A356/I-Z16983. Two known families belong to this branch, one from the Czech Republic and one from Finland.

I-A22782/I-BY170184, part of  I-A356/I-Z16983.

In the DYS561=16 section:



I-MI26567,  I-BY106777: this branch is recent and defines part of a family from Croatia. It's part of I-A13912.  [haplogroup name corrected 2018-12-04]

This update also shows some new SNP information, indicated in red. And this update shows a new I-PH908* result, he is from Bulgaria. Like most I-PH908* men, he has the STR marker value DYS561=16.

There are now 8 immediate child branches of I-PH908, and an additional 17 unnamed immediate child branches which are listed as I-PH908*.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

another branch from Poland: November 12 tree for I-Y4882

click here to download our 2018-11-12 tree for I-Y4882

A Big Y that was ordered in December 2017 has finally been completed. He has paternal ancestry from Poland, and according to his Big Y, he belongs to the I-BY31899 haplogroup. There are two other members of I-BY31899, they are closely related to each other, they also have paternal ancestry from Poland/western Ukraine.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Russian and a Greek in a new branch called I-Y158862: updated tree for I-CTS10228

Click here to download our 2018-11-04 tree for I-CTS10228

I-Y18331 is a major haplogroup below I-CTS10228, and most known I-Y18331 men have Greek paternal origin. I-Y18331 also contains a single Chuvash family and the large Jewish Dinaric cluster.

Now there is a new Big Y result for a Russian man with paternal ancestry from the 1600s from Tobolsk in Siberia. He shares two SNPs with a Greek man, and now we can name a new branch called I-Y158862.  The common ancestor of the two men probably lived more than 1000 years ago.

I-Y18331 now contains three branches:
the new I-Y158862 brnach
the large I-A2512 branch which contains the Chuvash family, the Jewish Dinaric cluster, the Greek-New Mexico cluster and several other Greek men
and an I-Y18331* which contains a single Greek man

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A third branch in I-Z125: updated I-CTS11338 tree

Click here to download our 2018-11-03 tree for I-CTS11338

This update shows a third branch of I-Z125 (also called I-Z99). Most I-Z125 men belong to the large I-Z113 branch which had a large expansion in the last 2000 years in Spain, Portugal and France.

There are also two branches called I-Z125*, one contains an American family with likely German origin and the other contains a Spanish family.

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A new branch in Isles-C2: 2018-11-04 tree for I-Y3723

Click here to download our 2018-11-04 tree for I-Y3723

This tree shows a new branch called I-Y45719. It's part of Isles-C2 (I-Y5451) which is very typical of central western Ireland. One of the men has paternal ancestry from County Roscommon, Ireland. But the other man has paternal ancestry from New Mexico with no known Irish connection.

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

a fourth named branch of I-L161: 2018-11-03 tree for I-L161

Click here to download our 2018-11-03 tree for I-L161

This update shows a major discovery. A new Big Y for an English-American family shares 6 SNPs with a French-Canadian family. There are now four named branches of I-L1498:
the new I-BY60222 branch
I-A1150 which contains the Isles-B3 and Isles-B5 clusters. I-A1150 is mostly British and Irish with one French-Canadian family
I-A10029 which contains only a few families: one Scottish, one German-American and one American of uncertain European origin
I-S2703 which is the largest branch by far. It contains the British and Irish I-Y3723 branch (the Isles-C and Isles-D clusters) and the I-S2703 branch which contains British, Irish, German, Polish, Swedish etc. men.

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mysteries of FTDNA's new public haplotree: 2018-11-02 tree for I-CTS11338

Click here to download our 2018-11-02 tree for I-CTS11338

This tree shows a new Big Y for a man with ancestry from the 1600s from New Hampshire, USA. He is CTS787+ and he also Y4389+ and Y4386+/Z27251+, these SNPs have been considered equivalent to CTS787. And he is ancestral for Z99, Z128, Z125 and many other SNPs that previously were considered equivalent CTS787.

FTDNA's haplotree currently shows Y4389 and Y4386/Z27251 as equivalent to Z99, Z128, Z125 etc. But I think FTDNA will update their tree soon to show the information from this new Big Y.

But FTDNA's haplotree already shows that CTS787 is the only SNP in its level, and Y4389, Y4386/Z27251, Z99, Z128, Z125 etc. are at a lower level. I don't know how to find older versions of FTDNA's haplotree, so I don't know when FTDNA made this change. FTDNA has a new public haplotree (click here) but I can't find information about any CTS787+ but Y4389- Y4386-/Z27251- samples.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

no new Big Ys but some interesting new SNPs: updated I-Y11222 tree

Click here to download our 2018-11-02 tree for I-Y11222

This tree shows some new SNPs that were confirmed thanks to the YFull.com analysis. These SNPs are shown in red. Some of these SNPs don't appear on the YFull tree and don't appear on the FTDNA haplotree, because they have few reads or they occur in regions of the Y chromosome that are considered unreliable. But these SNPs give consistent results, and we show them on our draft tree.

One of the new SNPs is called Y73815. There are three Big Y results that are quite closely related, they are all from men with ancestry from the southern USA and I think it's likely that all three men share a paternal ancestor who lived in the 1600s or 1700s. All three men are A19476+ and they share 18 additional SNPs that haven't been found in any other men. Two of the men are Y73815+ and one of them is Y73815-.

The men have different surnames, but it seems most likely that they are all descended from Jacob Flournoy, a Huguenot (French Protestant) who came to Jamestown, Virginia in 1700 from London. They all belong to the I-Y14720 haplogroup which is especially typical of France. But they each have a high number of private SNPs, and YFull calculates that their common ancestor most likely lived 550 years ago. But YFull says that the 95% confidence interval is 225 years to 950 years, and I think it's likely that their common ancestor was Jacob Flournoy.

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