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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Thursday, March 22, 2018

3 new branches: updated I-S17250 tree

Click here to download our March 20, 2018 tree for I-S17250

This tree shows 4 new Big Y results, and 3 new branches:

In Dinaric-North, there is a new I-A21222 branch (part of the I-Y4882 branch). There are two Big Ys for this branch: an Austrian, and an Swiss-American with a similar surname.

In Dinaric-South, there are two new branches, thanks to recent Big Ys for two Bulgarian men:
a I-Y32084* branch, and a I-A13912* branch

This tree also shows some new BY series SNPs which were recently named by FTDNA

Click here to find our previous I-S17250 tree

A new German branch of I-M26: updated I-L160 tree

Click here to download our March 20, 2018 draft tree for I-L160

There is a new Big Y result, and a new I-A21204 branch. Both Big Y results are German-American, but they are not closely related, each man has approximately 22 unique variants. The related I-A19300* branch is represented by a Big Y for a man from southern Germany.  A21204 is available for testing at YSeq.net

Recently FTDNA has started adding new branches and SNPs to their haplotree. This draft tree also shows many of the new BY series SNPs.

Click here to find our previous tree for I-L160