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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Link to July 2016 draft tree for I-L161

Click here for the latest tree for I-L161 "Isles".

Changes since the May 2016 tree:

--sample 129783 added. He is S2742+ and is the only person in his more specific branch with Big Y results. The I-S2742 group includes Isles-B1, Isles-B4 and some smaller branches.

--sample 306862 belongs to the Isles-D3 (also called Isles-D99). He is the only person in Isles-D3/D99 to have done Big Y or similar testing. But we have learned that he shares two SNPs with five anonymous samples who did the Chromo2 test at britainsdna.com So we are now able to label his S7714+ S7708+ branch as I-S7714.

You can see that there was a very rapid expansion in the Isles-C and Isles-D groups: the ancestor of all of Isles-C and Isles-D was Y3734+ and the long list of SNPs equivalent to Y3734 represents thousands of years where there was no permanent increase in the Y3734+ population, and then almost simultaneously it split into at least four lines, all of which have survived to the present day. There are very likely some other surviving lines that diverged from the others at the sample time but no Big Ys have been completed for these lines yet (these lines are the part of Ken Nordtvedt's Isles-D1 group that doesn't fall into one of the branches already on the tree).

There are also some updates to the I-PF4135 section at the bottom of the tree (Isles-A)