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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Monday, August 22, 2016

Link to I-L621 tree showing major STR clusters (Updated)

Click here to see our latest draft tree for I-L621.  We have used colors to show STR marker clusters. For example, the branches belonging to Dinaric-South cluster (DYS448=19, DYS449=30 or similar, and DYS565=9) are colored blue.

We also show the many Dinaric-North branches, the Disles branches, and two small clusters within Dinaic-North: a Jewish cluster, and a Mediterranean cluster. All of these clusters can be easily identified by STR marker values.

This colorized tree is not attempting to show a geographic or ethnic/historical origin for every branch. We are only showing STR clusters. For example, there are no known STR marker values specific to the I-Y4460 branch, therefore I-Y4460 is shown as part of the bigger Dinaric-North STR cluster.

UPDATE 29 August 2016--You will notice that the tree shows that the Dinaric-South group belongs to the I-PH908 branch. PH908 is a SNP that was first reported in the Pille Hallast survey in 2014. This SNP is not covered by the Big Y test and most those who have Big Y test result have no call status for PH908. Some have one or two positive or negative reads. Two persons from DinS cluster (I-S17250* and I-Z16983 haplogroups) have positive T+ results in their YFull reports. Three persons  who have S17250+ and BY128+ results have negative C- results. Two persons from I-Y4460 and I-Z17855 haplogroups also have negative results. The position of this SNP relative to Y4882 is to be investigated.  PH908 could be a characteristic SNP for the Dinaric South cluster. The PH908 test is available at YSeq.net and we recommend it for all Dinaric-South men. Two Din-S men have already reported PH908+ results from YSeq. https://www.yseq.net/product_info.php?products_id=32650

Below is a thumbnail of the draft tree but you will need to click at the link at the top of the post to see or download a high resolution tree.