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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Monday, April 9, 2018

1000 years of the Lindsey family? Updated I-L233 tree

Click here to download our April 8, 2018 draft tree for I-L233 "Western"

7 members of the Lindsey/Lindsay family have completed Big Y tests, and no additional Lindsey Big Ys are in progress. All of these Lindseys belong to the I-A16520 branch. The Lindsey family seems to be very old:

Two Lindsey Big Y results belong to the new I-Y138968 branch.
Five Lindsey Big Y results belong to the I-F25958 branch, which has three known subbranches.

If you count the number of variants, the common ancestor of these men lived a long time ago. For example:
kit 561849 has 8 private variants, and he is Y138968+, and he is also Y138982+ and Y138986+ (these SNPs are currently equivalent to Y138968). 11 SNPs in his line.
kit 229968 has 5 private variants, and he shares Y99301 and 3 additional variants with kit 487350, and he is Y106756+, and he is F25958+. 11 SNPs in his line.

It seems that the I-Y138968 branch is many hundreds of years old, and the I-F25958 branch is many hundreds of years old. Maybe each branch is approximately 1,000 years old. YFull calculates that the I-A16520 branch has a common ancestor who lived approximately 1,000 years ago.

But you can see on the tree that I-A16520 has a third branch called I-A16522 which contains no one named Lindsey, as far as is known.

Here is an interesting question: do the I-Y138968 men and the I-F25958 men share a common paternal ancestor named Lindsey? I can think of three possible answers:

1) No, the men share an ancestor who lived before the era of surnames, and it's just a coincidence that they share the same surname and belong to closely related haplogroup branches.

2)Yes, the men share an ancestor named Lindsey, and the I-Y138968 men and the I-F25958 men share a more recent common ancestor with each other compared to the I-A16522 branch. But unfortunately the Big Y didn't detect any SNP which would show the closer relationship of I-Y138968 and I-F25958.

3) Yes, the men share an ancestor named Lindsey, but this common ancestor was also the common ancestor of the I-A16520 branch as a whole. And at some later date the men in the I-A16522 branch adopted different surnames. Therefore, Murray, Morrow, Stanley etc. had a paternal ancestor named Lindsey who lived several hundred years ago.

This tree also shows a new branch called I-A21933, which contains an American family named Scott. According to Y-DNA STR markers, the Scott family is closely related to an American Nix family and an English Nixey family, but these families have not done a Big Y. The tree shows that the Scott family's closest relative is the Terry family, but based on the high number of SNPs unique to the Scott family, and unique to the Terry family, the Scotts and Terrys have a very distant common ancestor.

Click here to find our previous I-L233 tree

new Sardinian/German/British branch (I-Z27398): Updated I-Y11222 tree

Click here to download our April 8, 2018 draft tree for I-Y11222

This tree shows a new branch called I-Z27398. The known members belong to three subbranches:
--11 Sardinian samples from Paolo Francalacci's study
--a small number of men with western German and English ancestry
--a Canadian man who was adopted and whose paternal ancestry is unknown.

None of these three groups are closely related to each other. The common ancestor of this I-Z27398 group lived approximately 5000 years ago, according to YFull's calculations.

The 11 samples from the Francalacci study were the only I-Y11222 samples found in Sardinia. There were approximately 450 samples who belonged to other branches of I-M26, most of these were in the I-PF4190 branch (part of I-L160). According to Francalacci, there were four private Sardinian clades of I-M26, the Y11222+ Z27398+ samples are his  β clade, and the PF4190+ samples are his δ clade.

One of the I-Y11222 samples is shown on the YFull tree as id:ERS256272. The current YFull tree (v6.02) shows an I-Z27396 branch which is equivalent to I-PF6947, and which contains both Z27398+ and Z27398- samples. Eventually YFull will add a more specific I-Z27398 branch.

Probably the I-Z27398 men came to Sardinia thousands of years ago. It's very interesting that their closest relatives, according to present knowledge, are the other I-Z27398 men from Germany and England, and then the Z27396+ (PF6947+) Z27398- men from Ireland and England.

This tree also shows a new branch defined by the 14444671 T to C variant, and 17 additional variants. The two Big Y results for this branch have ancestry from Central America, likely from Spain originally. They are in the I-A20936 branch with the Puerto Rican sample id:HG01167PRI from the 1000 Genomes Project.

There is one additional Big Y in progress for a likely I-Y11222 man. He has French Canadian ancestry and he's not closely related to any other Big Y result,

Click here to find our previous tree for I-Y11222

Thursday, April 5, 2018

February 19 draft tree for I-L233

Click here to download the February 19, 2008 draft tree for I-L233

I forgot to post this tree earlier. It shows several new Big Y results in the I-BY33210 branch (Terry family) and in the I-A16520 branch (Lindsay, McCauslin, Morrow, Murray, Stanley families).

Especially interesting: a new Big Y result for a Lindsay (shown in red) is A16520+ but F25958- (and A16522-). Four other Lindsey Big Ys, and a McCauslin Big Y,  are A16520+ F25958+.

There is another Big Y for a Murray which is A16520+ but F25958- A16522- (not shown on this tree). The other Murrays, Morrows, and Stanleys are A16520+ and A16522+.

Do all of the I-A16520 Lindsays share a common ancestor named Lindsay? It's possible. Maybe there is a SNP between A16520 and F25958 which is specific to these Lindsays and to McCauslin. But the Big Ys didn't detect any such SNP. It's possible that an improved Y chromosome test could detect such a SNP. Or maybe there is a STR value specific to all of these Lindsays. It seems that there is a similar situation with the I-A16520 Morrow/Murray family--it's not clear if they all share a common ancestor named Morrow/Murray.

One additional Big Y for I-L233 was completed in early April (not shown on this tree). He is I-Y4252*. The I-Y4252 haplogroup now has 17 immediate child branches.

There are two additional Lindsay Big Ys in progress, but they are not I-P37 project members.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New branch in Isles-D3: Updated I-Y3723 tree

Click here to download our April 2, 2018 draft tree for I-Y3723

Click here to find our previous I-Y3723 tree

Several new branches, 8 new Big Ys, many SNPs named: updated I-CTS10228 tree

Click here to download our April 2, 2018 draft tree for I-CTS10228

Eight Big Ys have been completed in the last two months:

1) a new Big Y for the I-A11372 Jewish branch, he belongs to the more specific I-A13654 branch

2) I-Y4460 has a new branch called I-Y70430. It contains one man with Pontic Greek ancestry and one man with Belarus ancestry.

3-5) There are 3 new Big Ys that are Y3118+ and have no further shared SNPs. There are now 10 branches immediately below I-Y3118, only two branches have SNP names and 8 branches are I-Y3118*.  The new Big Ys have ancestry from western Russia and Belarus, I-Y3118 is typical of northeastern Europe.

6) I-Y3118 has a new branch called I-A21812 (part of I-A13916). The two known members have ancestry from Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

7) A Big Y for a Polish ancestry man was Y4460+...S2801+ Y8942-. Previously S29801 and Y8942 were considered equivalent. Thanks to this Big Y we have a new I-S29801* branch and a new I-Y8942 branch.

8) A Big Y for a Greek ancestry man was Z17855+ with no further shared SNPs. There are now 7 branches immediately below I-Z17855, three branches are named and 4 branches are I-Z17855*. The I-Z17855 branch is typical of Greece, Bulgaria and Central Europe.

Some previously known variants have been given SNP names, these are shown in red.

Click here to find our earlier tree for I-CTS10228

I-M26 branches with YCAII=11-11 and 21-21: Updated I-Y11222 tree

Click here to download our April 3, 2018 draft tree for I-Y11222

This tree shows the following updates:

--a new branch defined by 13843748 T to C and 17 additional SNPs. The known members of this branch have paternal ancestry from Central America and they have some marker values not typical for I-Y11222 and I-M26, including YCAII=21,21. An anonymous Puerto Rican sample from the 1000 Genomes Project is distant related to this branch. See more discussion on our previous post about Y11222  (linked below).

--there are also some I-M26 men with the very unusual YCAII=11-11, they mostly belong to the M26-"France" cluster (I-Y14720).  One of these men has completed the Big Y test, and he belongs to the more specific I-Y14722 branch, but he doesn't share additional SNPs with the two previous Big Ys for I-Y14722. Another man with YCAII=11-11 has Y14722+ results from the I2-P37 SNP Pack.

--some additional SNPs have been named and they are shown in red

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