Friday, January 3, 2014

(from Sept 2013) Main branches of I-M26

All known I-M26 is either F1915+ or L672+. I-L672 is by far the larger group.

I-L672 can be L160+, PF6947+ or can be I-L672*, with the * meaning no known additional derived SNPs beyond L672.
I-L160 is by far the biggest group, and it has at least 10 SNP defined branches of its own, see the separate L160 tree.
I-PF6947 is a small group known only from Ireland.
All of the I-L672* "France" and "DYS413=19,22" groups and most or all of the "generic" group are more recently related to I-PF6947, not I-L160. We know this from 111 marker results, they share some distinctive marker values, in particular DYS532=9.

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