Friday, January 3, 2014

(from April 2013) Updated I-L160 Tree

Click on picture to enlarge. At this point we have 6 groups of L160+ (and the Z110+ group only known from 1000 Genomes Project sequences). I don't know if F1295+ and PF4088+ are the only basic branches of L160+ or if there will be more. Usually I can tell if someone belongs to Z118+ or Z106+ based on 67 marker results, but we don't have enough results to make predictions for the other groups. About 40% of L160+ belongs to Z106+, but I don't know how big the other groups will turn out to be.

F1295, PF4088  and CTS11338are available for order as individual SNPs at Family Tree DNA, but each costs $39. My recommendation is that L160+ people order the Genographic 2.0 test for $199, it will test all the SNPs on the tree above and many more (except for a few of the Z SNPs and L1299).

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