Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top level SNPs in I-P37.2

Click on tree to enlarge. There are five main branches of I-P37.2 and this tree shows how they are related:
the M423+ branch is CTS595-
and the other four branches (L1286, L880, L1294 and M26) are all CTS595+.

We still need to sort out these four CTS595+ branches. It's possible that PF3983 will be useful: we know that three branches are PF3983+ (these three branches are L880, L1294 and M26) but we aren't sure what the status of PF3983 is for the L1286 group. (We know that the M423 branch is PF3983-). But we have been unable to determine a PF3983 result for L1286 at Geno 2.0 or FTDNA, probably L1286+ people
have some mutation in the area of PF3983 that is interfering with the test.

Eventually we will have full Y/Big Y sequencing for all of these groups that will help us figure out the rest of the branching pattern. We have  multiple Big Y tests in progress for people in L621, L161, L233 and M26 but none for the other groups which are all much rarer.

We already have at least one Geno 2.0 result for every group except I-L1295 "France-Scotland", and we have learned a lot from Geno 2.0, especially for the L621, L161 and M26 groups. At this point I think we have learned most of what there is to learn from Geno 2.0, and I am recommending it mainly for people in the I-L160 group (which is part of M26).

(The top tree is thanks to Zdenko Markovic and the handwritten tree is my own--Bernie)

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