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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Saturday, March 7, 2020

More branches with both Continental European and British members: 2020-03-06 tree for I-L233

Click here to download our  2020-03-06 draft tree for I-L233

Most I-L233 men belong to the major I-Y4252 branch which had a rapid "star-like" expansion approximately 1950 years ago, according to YFull's calculation.

Until recently, most of these branches had been found to occur only in Great Britain and sometimes Ireland. But thanks to several recent Big Y tests, we have found that many of the major branches of I-Y4252 contain both British and Continental European members. And as our tree shows, in most cases there are very few downstream SNPs shared by the  British and Continental European members, which means that their most recent common ancestor lived only slightly more recently than the MRCA of I-Y4252 as a whole.

This update shows a new member in the I-FT137092 branch. The I-FT137092 branch now contains members with northern German, Dutch and Newfoundland (likely English?) ancestry.

This update shows a new BY149840 branch, it's part of I-A19485. The I-A19485 branch now contains members with English and Polish ancestry.

This update also a new branch called I-Y33765, it's now the parent of the I-Y33761 branch. The I-Y33765 branch now contains one Swedish family and one English family, and the I-Y33761 branch is specific to the English family.

Finally, this update shows two new I-Y4252* samples, one has ancestry from northern Germany and the other has likely British ancestry.

Click here to find our previous tree for I-L233
Click here for a brief description of the I-L233 haplogroup

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