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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

More details about the largest branch of Disles: updated I-L621 tree

Click here to download our 2018-12-20 tree for I-L621

This tree shows more details about the largest branch of "Disles". The Disles cluster includes everyone who is L621+ but CTS10228-. The Disles branches have the marker value DYS565=11 while the L621+ CTS10228+ "Dinaric" branches have the marker value DYS565=9.

The name Disles comes from D (Dinaric-like) and Isles (British Isles), and most known Disles men have Irish, Scottish or English ancestry. But we also have found Disles men from southwestern Germany, Sweden, and southern Poland.

Several branches of Disles are found in Great Britain and Ireland, but most of these branches are very rare.

The most common branch of Disles at this point is I-FGC20479, which has only been found in Britain and Ireland. It's especially typical of Northern Ireland and Scotland. Most members of I-FGC20479 in Northern Ireland probably aren't recent arrivals from Scotland because some of these people are from traditionally Irish-speaking Roman Catholic families. And most members of I-FGC20479 in Scotland probably aren't recent arrivals from Ireland.

This update shows two new branches. One branch is called I-Y60783 and it contains two Big Y results for a family from Northern Ireland. Their ancestor lived several hundred years ago, according to the number of unique variants reported in each Big Y. Only one kit number is shown on the tree, because only one person is a member of the I-P37 project at FTDNA.

This tree also shows a branch called I-Y66580, which includes the I-Y60783 branch and also a branch containing several men with Scottish ancestry.


The YFull tree for I-L621 has been updated recently, it now shows two samples that are L621+ but CTS10936-. These two samples have been on our blog's I-L621 tree for more than a year, they are the two samples in the I-A17060 branch. One of these sample has ancestry from London, England and the other sample is American with ancestry from southwestern Germany. FTDNA calls this branch I-BY37319. In a few days, YFull will create a new branch for these two samples and I will edit this post.

Click here to find our previous tree for I-L621

Click here to see a brief description of the I-L621 haplogroup

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