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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Finally, more Big Y results! updated I-S2703 tree

Click here to download our August 19, 2018 tree for I-S2703
Click here to download our August 17, 2018 tree for I-S2703

Our August 19 tree is most current of course.

The August 17 tree shows a new Big Y highlighted in red at the very top of the tree. This is the second Big Y for the "Isles-B4" cluster. Isles-B4 is a small cluster with distinctive STR marker values, especially DYS388=11, and Isles-B4 is found only in Great Britain and Ireland (mostly England). FTDNA now calls this branch I-PH3480. There is also an anonymous Irish sample from the P. Hallast study in this branch (ire-94).

The August 19 tree provides more details about the SNPs in the I-PH3480 branch, now that we have looked at the VCF file from the new Big Y.

The August 19 tree also shows a new Big Y for a German-American man. He shares two SNPs (A20828 and BY50244) with two English-ancestry men. But he has 28 private variants (SNPs) not found in the English men, and probably his common ancestor with them lived 3500 or more years ago.

Click here to find our previous tree for I-S2703

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