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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Friday, June 9, 2017

June 8, 2017 Draft tree for I-L621

Click here to download the June 8, 2017 draft tree for I-L621

There are several interesting additions:

--Disles-A: Almost all I-L621 men are CTS10936+. There are a few families that are L621+ CTS10936-, and we call this branch Disles-A. The D means that it is very distantly related to the Dinaric branch, and the isles means that this branch is typical of the British Isles. We now have a second Big Y result for Disles-A, and we can now call this branch I-A17060

--Disles-B: we have discovered a man who is CTS10936+ but CTS4002- and these SNPs (and several others) are no longer equivalent. The man had only 37 STR markers, and we predicted that he belonged to the I-CTS10228 "Dinaric-North" group, but this prediction was incorrect.  He is an American with paternal ancestry from southwestern Germany. With 67 markers it's very easy to distinguish Dinaric (L621+ CTS10228+) from Disles (L621+ CTS10228-) because Dinaric has the very distinctive value DYS565=9

-Disles-B:  thanks to a new Big Y, we now have 17 SNPs which define the I-A16633 branch. I think most of the Disles men from Britain and Ireland will belong to this branch, but some of them may not share all of the 17 SNPs. The I-FGC20473 branch is much smaller

--I-CTS10228*: There are four known branches of the I-CTS10228 Dinaric branch, and for many years there was only one known man who was CTS10228+ but who didn't belong to any of the branches, this man has paternal ancestry from southeastern Poland. Now there is a second CTS10228+ A2512- Y4460- Z17855- S17250-, this man has paternal ancestry from Alsace (southwestern Germany/France border area, now part of France). The Polish-ancestry and Alsatian-ancestry man don't share any unique novel variants/SNPs. There are many SNPs listed as equivalent to CTS10228, and it's possible that the Alsatian-ancestry man is ancestral (negative) for some of these, he has submitted his BAM file to YFull and we will learn the answer soon. Like all other I-CTS10228 men, the Alsatian-ancestry man has the distinctive marker value DYS565=9

Click here for our I-L621 tree from early May, 2017


  1. I ordered the I2a-M423 Panel from YSEQ. My DNA results show that I test positive for I-A16633. My earliest known ancestor is my 5th great grandfather, Thomas Dove born about 1735, and died in Warren County, Georgia, USA in 1801. Our genealogy research shows that our Dove family changed their surname from Taube to Dove and likely immigrated to America from Germany around 1764. However, some hold to the idea that the Doves immigrated to America from Ireland.

  2. At the I-P37 project you can see a Dove man in the I-A16633 section: https://www.familytreedna.com/public/I2aHapGroup?iframe=ycolorized

    I predicted his A16633+ result based on his 12 markers and the 37 markers for two of his close Dove cousins. Thanks for doing the M423 panel and reporting your results. You can look at the other names in the I-A16633 section, you can see that it's a very Irish and British group. If you wish please send me an email at berniecullen@gmail.com Congratulations on these results which confirm your Dove ancestry.