Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I-L1294 "France" (DYS388=9) update:

A fourth Big Y has been completed for the I-L1294 "France" haplogroup. This haplogroup is rare but characteristic of France. I-L1294 men have also found in Germany, Great Britain and Catalonia (Spain). The I-L1294 "France" haplogroup has some very distinctive marker values (DYS388=9 and DYS454=12). 

Four Big Ys have now been completed for I-L1294.

The Big Y results show that three Americans with Scottish or English ancestry share a common ancestor who lived approximately 1100 years ago, and they also share approximately 27 SNPs not found in the fourth man, who is an American with likely French paternal ancestry.The common ancestor of all four men lived over 4100 years ago. 

One of the SNPs shared by the three British ancestry men is L1295 and it is available at FTDNA for $39. I have rearranged the sections of our colorized results page to make clear who is known to be L1295+, who is known to be L1295- and who needs to test L1295 

The common ancestor of all three I-L1295 men lived approximately 1100 years ago. However two of the men share another SNP meaning that they have a slightly more recent common ancestor. This SNP is called A13906 and it is available at YSeq.net for $17.50

You can see the I-L1294 and I-L1295 "France" groups at the top of the YFull I-P37 tree: https://www.yfull.com/tree/I-Y21979/  (YFull uses the names I-Y21979 and I-Y21980 for these groups).

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