Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 2017 draft tree for I-Y11222

Click here for the January 2017 draft tree for I-Y11222

I-Y11222 is a major branch of I-M26, click here for more explanation and our earlier Y11222 tree.

The big news on this tree is a second big Y for the DYS413=19-22 cluster. This is a large group that is mostly found in Britain and which has a number of marker values that are not found in other I-M26 branches. Thanks to this second Big Y (kit N90359) we can now call this branch I-A14285. We recommend that all members of this group test A14825 at, the price is $17.50 and there is a one time DNA kit fee of $5 for your first test at YSeq. As always, please contact for more specific recommendations, and please email me when you place the order and when you receive results because I will not be informed by YSeq.

Here is the link to order A14825 at :

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