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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2016 I-L160 Draft tree based on Big Y results (slightly updated Dec 2016)

I-M26 is the well known haplogroup is found in Sardinia and throughout the most western parts of Europe. Probably more than 75% of I-M26 men belong to the I-L160 branch. The L160 SNP was discovered in 2009 thanks to a Walk Through the Y test done by I-P37 project member Wil Husted, now deceased. L160 was the first major SNP below I-M26 to be discovered.

Paolo Francalacci's lab sequenced the genomes of approximately 1200 men in Sardinia and 464 belong to I-M26.These men belonged to several very distinct branches as shown in his paper published in Nature in 2013, some were L160- and others L160+. But the largest group of I-M26 men in Sardinia belong to the M26+ L160+ PF4088+ PF4189+ PF4190+ branch. The Genographic 2.0 test (original version) contained many PF series SNPs (named for Paolo Francalacci) that are found in I-PF4190. But for some reason, the Geno 2.0  test (original version) included very few PF SNPs from other branches of I-M26.

The 1000 Genomes project had good coverage of Spain and Latin America and a few I-M26 men were found in Spain, Puerto Rico and Colombia. Some of the SNPs from the two Puerto Rico men were named as Z96-Z128 (approximately), and also added to the Geno 2.0 test. And some of these PF and Z SNPs from the Geno 2.0 test were added to the FTDNA catalog and eventually added to the FTDNA haplotree.

Thanks to all of this, we learned a great deal about the distribution of many branches of I-M26. Because so much was already known, there wasn't an initial rush of orders of the Big Y test. But now several men in I-L160 have completed the Big Y and we have found many new branches as shown on this tree. Click here to download a pdf version.


  1. Hi, I've just made the geno 2.0 test. I discovered that my father haplogroup is I-PF4190, mine was M26 L160. I read these haplogoup are very common in sardinia and spain (basque), but i'm still not sure where they originated. I read a theory about some kind of megalithic population living throuth the western-mediterranean coast till up to the nord (following megalithic stones along the european costs). What's your opinion? Ps. my father and grandfather born in sicily. thanks! I'll wait for your updates cause are very interesting :) bye Andrea