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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Friday, June 19, 2015

New I-M26 tree after 5 Big Ys for M26+ L160- people

The current FTDNA haplotree shows around 21 branches of I-M26, and 20 of these branches belong to I-L160 and everyone else is lumped together in I-M26*:
In fact, the I-P37 project has known for several years about many other branches which are M26+ L160-.

 The I-L277 * and I-L247 groups are very small. The I-PF6947 group is bigger (at least outside of Sardinia/in North America), about a third of I-M26 in Ireland might belong to I-PF6947. But by far most of the M26+ L160- people belong to what is called the I-L672* branch on the tree above. This includes the large group that Ken Nordtvedt nicknamed M26*-"France" many years ago, it has the distinctive marker values DYS391=9 and DYS425=null. It also includes a group with DYS413=19,22 and many other distinctive marker values (name in this group include Riddick, Bigham, Zimmerman, Odgers etc). And it includes many other people who don't fit into any of these marker based clusters.

You can see all of these groups at the top of the FTDNA I-P37 project STR results page: https://www.familytreedna.com/public/I2aHapGroup/default.aspx?section=ycolorized

In December 2014 two people in I-PF6947 and three people in I-L672*  in M26*-France ordered the Big Y test, and now the tests are completed and we have this tree:

Because three people in the M26-France group did Big Y, we were able to find two branches. I recommend that all M26-France people test Y14720 and Y14722, or the Big Y. As more people in M26-France do Big Y or similar tests, we will quickly find new branches.

Only two people in I-PF6947 have done Big Y, so we only have one branch which shows the 18 SNPs that they share. As soon as a third person in I-PF6947 does Big Y we will be able to add another branch to the tree. And now PF6947, Y15579 etc. have been added to the official YFull tree:
At this point, it would be most useful for I-PF6947 people to do additional Big Y tests, perhaps the Crowley family could pool funds to order one Big Y, and the Healy/O'Donoghue family could do the same.

What tests should the other M26+ L672+ L160- people order? A Big Y would be useful for anyone, because we now have 5 Big Y results for comparison, Beyond that, I recommend a Y11222 test, I expect that all of these people will be Y11222+.

PF6947 is already available at FTDNA for $39. We have requested some of the new SNPs from FTDNA but have informed us that they will not add uncommon SNPs to their catalog at present. I suggest that you order the SNPs I have recommended (Y11222, Y14720, Y14722) from YSeq.net which is headed by Thomas Krahn, formerly of FTDNA. SNPs at YSeq cost $17.50 each. You will need to give a new cheek scrape sample, and there is a one time cost of approximately $5 for the sample kit and shipping.

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