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Friday, June 5, 2015

I2a-M423 SNP panel test at Yseq.net, only $88

YSEQ has released a I2a-M423 SNP panel which covers 32 SNPs, the cost is only $88 (the same cost as two SNP tests at FTDNA, if this is your first test at YSeq you will need a cheek swab kit which is approximately $5):


I can recommend this test for all Dinaric-North and Dinaric-South people, and it also would be interesting for I-L161 Isles people who don't match any of the Isles groups very well. If you have already done Big Y there is no need to do this panel. Some more comments are below--Bernie

1) I2a-M423 includes the "Dinaric" "Disles" and "Isles" groups.

2) The YSeq M423 panel is very good for people who have not done STR marker
testing. For example, it's a very good test for people who have done the
23andMe test and who have received a paternal haplogroup of I2a2, I2a2a or
I2a2b. Or people who already know they are I2a-L621 (Dinaric and Disles) or
I2a-L161 (Isles) from some other test.
Of course, I recommend that people also do a 12, 25, or 37 STR marker test

3) The YSeq panel does not include some minor SNPs that have been included
in some trees (P41.2/M359.2, P61, V19, PF6316, CTS8849). In my opinion the
SNPs in the YSeq M423 panel are much more important than these minor SNPs.

4) The YSeq M423 panel is very good for all Dinaric people, all
Dinaric-North and all Dinaric-South. We can predict results for S17250 for
some Dinarics based on STR markers, but it is impossible to predict results
for any of the 14 more specific SNPs listed for CTS10228+ S17250- people
and CTS10228+ S17250+ people.

5) The YSeq M423 panel is very good for all Isles people. But in most
cases, if an Isles person has 37, 67, or 111 marker results we can predict
his results for these SNPs. Please feel free to email me or post here for
specific recommendations.

6) The Yseq M423 panel will not give much information to Disles people.

7) If you have done Big Y or similar tests, there is no need to do the YSeq
M423 panel. If you have already tested some of the SNPs on the panel,
please feel free to email me or post here for specific recommendations.

8) If you are a member of the FTDNA I-P37 (I2a) project, please send me a
copy of your YSeq results if you wish, because we have no connection to
YSeq and we will not be notified of your results.

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