Friday, September 5, 2014

Latest I-P37 haplotree

There are interesting new discoveries for several branches of the tree:
--Dinaric (I-CTS5966) can now be divided into several subgroups based on SNPs.
--The Disles group is more complex than previously known: some people who were placed in Disles based on STR markers (and who have paternal ancestry from Great Britain) have the same SNP results as the "Dinaric-cousin" person who is from southern Poland. Other Disles men are in the I-L621* group as shown on this tree,
--I-L161 ("Isles): There is one SNP found in  Isles-C but not in Isles-A, B, D. And there are three SNPs found in Isles-D but not in Isles-A, B, C. 
--I-L233 ("Western"): there are at least two important SNPs that split I-L233. This is so new that it's not shown on this tree. One of these, A417, is available for individual testing at FTDNA and  Another SNP called Y4223 is even more common than A417, Y4223 is available at YSeq but not yet at FTDNA.

Remember that this tree is preliminary and may change with new information. And not all branches and not all SNPs are shown.

To get an idea of how large each of these branches is, and where each branch is found, take a look at the groupings at the FTDNA I-P37 project:

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