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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

I-S20602 now has 5 named branches: 2020-03-18 tree for I-CTS10228

Click here to download our 2020-03-18 tree for I-CTS10228

I-S20602 now has 5 named branches:

  • I-FGC12098 is the newest branch, it is shown on this tree update. There are two known members, one has ancestry from southern Poland and one has paternal ancestry from northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The two men share at least 6 SNPs below I-FGC12098, and maybe FTDNA and YFull will choose different SNPs to name this branch
  • I-S17250 is the most common branch. It prevails in Central Europe (Poland, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, part of Ukraine) and Southeastern Europe. This haplogroup encompasses a part of Dinaric North cluster and the whole Dinaric South cluster (which is I-PH908)
  • I-Y4460 prevails in eastern and northeastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic countries). All persons from this haplogroup are in the Dinaric North cluster.
  • I-Z17855 can be found in mostly in Bulgaria, also in Serbia, Greece, Hungary and Ukraine. This haplogroup is also in the Dinaric North cluster.
  • I-Y18331 is mainly found in Greece, it also contains the Jewish diaspora cluster and a small number of additional samples from Chuvashia, Ukraine and elsewhere.
I-S20602 has a sixth branch, but this branch is unnamed because it contains only a single known family with ancestry from Germany.

This update also shows two new samples in the I-Y18331 branch. One is a member of the Jewish Diaspora cluster, and the other belongs to I-Y66192*, he has ancestry from western Macedonia
As a reminder, the Dinaric cluster was initially identified as a pattern of Y-DNA STR markers. If we define this cluster as the group with DYS565=9, then Dinaric is equivalent to I-CTS10228 which has a TMRCA of 3800 years ago according to YFull's estimate. (TMRCA is "time to most recent common ancestor").

But in fact almost all I-CTS10228 men belong to the more specific I-S20602 haplogroup which has a TMRCA of 2100 years ago according to YFull's calculation. So when we are talking about the rapid expansion of the Dinaric group across Eastern and Central Europe, we are talking about I-S20602.

The I-S20602 SNP has another name: YP196, the SNP was given different names by two different labs. S20602 and YP196 both refer to the same mutation at the same Y chromosome position: hg38 Chr Y: 15971418 A to C. We can refer to this SNP as YP196/S20602 and we can refer to this haplogroup as I-YP196/S20602.

There are 5 SNPs that are known to be equivalent to YP196/S20602. These are different mutations that occur at different positions on the Y chromosome. One of these SNPs is Y3120/FGC12085: Chr Y: 21671886 G to A. We call YP196/S20602 equivalent to Y3120/FGC12085 because everyone who has tested both SNPs has exactly the same result for both SNPs: everyone is either positive for both SNPs or negative for both SNPs, no one is positive for one SNP and negative for the other SNP.

YFull refers to the I-S20602 haplogroup by a different name: I-Y3120. As mentioned, S20602 and Y3120 are different SNPs but they are equivalent SNPs.

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