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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A new Isles-D1 branch, & additional new branches: 2019-09-05 tree for I-Y3723

Click here to download our 2019-09-05 draft tree for I-Y3723

This tree shows several updates, indicated in red:

---A new I-Y3723* branch at the very top of the tree. You can also see two previous samples in the I-A22306 branch. These three samples belong to the poorly-defined Isles-D1 cluster. At this point, Isles-D1 contains everyone whose STR markers match the pattern for I-Y3723 but don't match the pattern for Isles-C, Isles-D2, Isles-D3/D99 or I-A10514.

I-Y3723 now has 5 immediate child branches, and maybe we will find more branches when more Isles-D1 men do Big Y tests. This is a rapid expansion that occurred approximated 3500 years ago according to YFull. I-Y3723 is almost exclusively British and Irish, and it's especially characteristic of Ireland and Scotland.

---I-A10514 has two additional samples and new branches and SNPs. More Big Ys are in progress. We don't have a good nickname for I-A10514, it contains a family named Todd, so sometimes we call it the Todd branch.

--this tree also shows a I-FGC7210 branch in Isles-D2. But this branch with two samples was already included in our previous tree, probably we neglected to remove the red color.

Click here to find our previous tree for I-Y3723
Click here for a brief description of the I-Y3723 haplogroup


  1. Hello my name is Michael Mackie, my family is from Fife,Scotland, I have my tree going back to the late 1500's early 1600's in the Fife area.
    Very interseting read, I am in the I-P37 group and the administrator of the group on FTDNA believes I am more specifically in the Y3723 group, and was already ruled out of not being in the Yugoslavia or Sardinia group. I have just ordered the Y3723 test to confirm and the BigY700 test. I should have the results in 2-4 weeks or however long those test takes. I would be very curious to see how it matches up to the Scotland area branch. Thank you
    please correspond to: mmackie@intercontinental.net

  2. Thanks for joining the I-P37 project and ordering the tests, and thanks for posting here. Maybe some of our other members will contact you, thanks for providing your email address. We will add your result to our I-Y3723 tree when your Big Y is completed.