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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Thursday, June 27, 2019

2019-06-26 tree for I-S2703 (part of I-L161 "Isles")

Click here to download our 2019-06026 tree for I-S2703

We have created a new tree for the more specific I-A2330 branch (click here).
And the more specific I-Y14612 and I-S3723 branches already have their own trees.

This I-S2703 tree shows details about Big Ys and SNPs for all branches of I-S2703, except I-A2330, I-Y14612 and I-S3723

Click here to find our previous tree for I-S2703
Click here for a brief description of the I-S2703 haplogroup

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