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Major update reorganizes entire haplogroup I2 tree

Thursday, December 7, 2017

March 2018 correction...was December 6, 2017 draft tree for I-F1295, a new Jewish/Spanish branch

March 22, 2018 correction:

Kit B34129 (part of the big Mexican group) has now completed the YFull.com analysis of his VCF file. And it appears that our initial analysis as incorrect. He is not closely related to the I-A11747 (Jewish) branch. Instead, he likely belongs to the I-PH1671 branch, and he is not closely related to any previous I-PH1671 Big Y result.

We will update our I-F1295 tree and write a new post. You can see our earlier, incorrect post below.

Click here to download our December 6, 2017 draft tree for I-F1295

This tree shows the following updates:
--a new I-F1295* sample (F1295+ and PF6950- etc). He has 49 private novel variants (not shown on the tree)
--the tree shows a new branch called I-A19386. This is part of the larger I-A11747 branch (and part of I-PF6950)

Many members of I-A11747 have paternal ancestry from Jewish families from Eastern Europe, with a common ancestor who lived many hundreds of years ago. But the more specific I-A19386 branch contains the only one of these Eastern European Jewish families which claims earlier Sephardic/Iberian paternal ancestry. And the I-A19386 branch also contains a large Mexican family, descended from a family from Andalusia which arrived in Mexico in the 1500s.

The A19386 test is available at YSeq.net and we will ask people to test it, and to do Big Ys.

Click here to download our earlier tree for I-F1295

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