Wednesday, May 22, 2019

New branches and more details about FT14506: 2019-05-22 tree for I-PH908

Click here to download our 2019-05-22 tree for I-PH908

FT14506 seems to be an important SNP immediately below I-PH908. Several previously known branches can now be placed in the I-FT14506 branch. And several other branches are confirmed to be FT14506-. See the tree for more details.

This tree shows a new branch called I-BY154460, it's part of I-A22312, which is part of I-A5913. The known members of I-A22312 have paternal ancestry from Montenegro and eastern Herzegovina. The parallel branch I-A16683 prevails in eastern Europe.

This tree shows another new branch called I-FT16449, and a new sample in the I-Y56203 branch.

Click here to find our previous tree for I-PH908
Click here for a brief description of the I-PH908 haplogroup

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