Monday, March 4, 2019

7 new Big Ys, a new branch, a new STR pattern: 2019-03-03 tree for I-PH908

Click here to download our 2019-03-03 tree for I-PH908 (the Dinaric South cluster)

For a few years we have known about an important STR marker pattern in I-PH908 (Dinaric South):
Many Dinaric South men from the former Yugoslavia and adjacent areas have the marker value DYS561=16. This is the normal value for I-CTS10228 (Dinaric) as a whole. When a Dinaric South man with DYS561=16 does Big Y, it's likely that he won't share any variants below I-PH908 and his haplogroup will be I-PH908*. But as more men do Big Y, we are starting to find more shared SNPs and name more branches.

Many Dinaric South men from other areas (Central Europe, Germany etc) have the distinctive marker value DYS561=15. Men with this value are likely to belong to a large named branch of I-PH908, for example I-A356/Z16983.

Of course there is much geographic overlap and Dinaric South men with DYS561=16 are sometimes found in Germany and some Dinaric South men with DYS561=15 are found in SE Europe.
Here is another important STR marker pattern:

Most Dinaric South men have DYS557=16 or 15. When we see Dinaric South men with the unusually high DYS557=17 (or even 18), they often belong to the more specific branches I-Y52621, I-Y56203 or I-BY189804. These branches are all part of the larger group with DYS561=16.
This tree shows a new branch called I-BY135769, the two known members have ancestry from Poland and Russia. FTDNA hasn't added this branch to their haplotree yet. This branch has DYS561=16 and DYS557=16/15.
This tree also shows several new Big Ys that belong to already-known branches, and it shows updated SNP information for many branches. All of this is indicated in red.

Click here to find the previous tree for I-PH908

Click here to find a brief description of the I-PH908 haplogroup

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